Our Process

Nu Luk Wheels

Here at Nu-Luk Wheels we pride ourselves in providing a total refurbishment of your wheels front and back, not just a local repair on the damaged area.

1. Damaged wheel / car arrives at Nu-Luk Wheels, ready for tyre removal, marking of tyres so that the tyres go on the same way as they came off, at this stage a colour code is placed on the job card whether it can be a OEM colour or bespoke colour on request by the customer.

2. Wheels are then spun on a wheel balancer to see if the wheels have any bends or buckles, also at this stage the wheels are assessed for any structural damage, ie, deep kerbing that may require welding, or cracks caused by pothole or kerb damage.

3. Next the wheels are placed in chemical baths for up to 12 hours to chemically break down all the primers, paints and clearcoats that have been sprayed onto the wheel over the wheels lifespan.

4. The wheels are then placed in a normal hot wash basin to remove any excess chemical that may still remain on the wheels.

5. Next the wheels are media blasted with our own unique media blast material which creates a uniform surface ready for the next stage of the refurbishment, the media is very fine and takes little to no material off the bare alloy.

6. At this stage a number of things happen, straightening of the wheels, kerb damage repaired by various techniques, if the damage is deep, we tig weld that particular area, grind, file and shape the wheel back into the form it should be, also we can use a manual lathe to reshape some lips if necessary, final metal prep takes place now, the wheels are checked one last time and given a light rub with a medium grade paper just to show up if any damaged areas have been overlooked.

7. Wheels are placed in an industrial oven at temperature in batches of 12 for the alloys to be de-gassed prior to the powder coating primer to be applied, which we use a grey or black primer which acts as an undercoat depending on the final colour of the wheels. After de-gassing the powder is sprayed via an electro statically charged gun, which applies the powdercoat primer onto the wheels, this is then allowed to cool down naturally.

8. Powder prep stage, here the wheels are manually prepped by hand to remove any defects/dust that may have landed onto the wheels during curing in the oven. The wheels are then quality checked again before the painting takes place.

9. Painting of the wheels, here the wheels start to come to life with colour, this can range from matched silver’s, to metallic greys and beyond. the sky is the limit regarding the colours, we have around 50 various spray cards to choose from but custom colours can also be made to fit the customers request.

10. Diamond cut or painted finish? If your wheels are a diamond cut / polished alloy, this stage is for you, if not please skip to section 11. Here your wheels are profiled by using a state of the art scanner arm that’s used by the aerospace industry as well as F1 teams. This creates a 3D image of the curvature of the surface to be diamond cut down to a very fine tolerance, here a program of the wheel is created and saved for future reference for future refurbishments, this is then transferred to the cnc lathe for the cutting process to commence. Here a diamond tipped cutting tool cuts the face/lip by removing as little material as possible using the program created by the arm, the wheel spins at very high rpm, in turn this creates a very highly polished surface and creates the OEM look. After the cutting process, a quality check of the surface happens to check for any imperfections.

11. Powdercoat lacquer, at this stage the wheels need to be protected against UV damage, brake dust, cleaning products, road salt and more, also it brings the base colour and diamond cut surface to life by giving a fantastic glossy shine. Again this is sprayed electro statically so that the coating goes on even throughout the entire alloy. This is again baked in a separate clearcoat oven for a specific timeframe and temperature and let to cool naturally.

12. Quality control time, after the wheels have cooled, they then get checked for any imperfections and forwarded to tyre fitting.

13. Refitting of tyres, here your tyres are replaced onto your “Nu Luk Wheels” or if you have new tyes that you would like to have fitted, this is all included in the price. (We can also supply new tyres at competitive prices in a variety of brands), the wheels are now ready for final wheel balancing. After this is completed the wheels are now ready for collection or placed onto the car which has been left on site by the customer (no extra charge for leaving cars on site).

14. Happy customer is ready to leave our premises with ‘Nu-Luk Wheels.’